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Himanshu Khagta is a photographer, director and author known for documenting life in mountainous areas of India. His photographs have been featured in many publications including: The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, BBC Travel, Condé Nast Traveller and Outlook Traveller.
Himanshu Khagta


Poras Chaudhary is an award winning freelance photojournalist and a documentary photographer.
Poras Chaudhary


Akshat Chauhan owns and manages multiple apple orchards in the Himalayas and keeps everything organised for us at Qurost.
Akshat Chauhan

Production Manager

Kanwar Pal Singh

Director of Photography

Jasmine Chandla, is a published poet, content writer, a singer/songwriter, and a TEDx speaker/performer.
Jasmine Chandla


Harish Sharma


Paran Duggal

Audio Technician

Ishani Kuthiala is an Himalayan musician, skier and a budding mountaineer. She is the person behind all the music selection on our Himalayan Roads youtube channel.
Ishani Kuthiala

Music Researcher / Copywriter

Bharat Bhushan spends half of the year in Alaska and Washington, teaching mountaineering and spends the other half in the Himalayas, teaching Ice Climbing. He is our survival expert during some of our more extreme video productions.
Bharat Bhushan

Mountaineering Instructor / Survival Expert

Pranav Rawat is an outdoor expert, horticulturist and manufactures dehydrated outdoor energy food.
Pranav Rawat

Mountaineering Instructor

Amandeep Talwar

Legal Advisor

Shivali Nathta

Social Media Manager

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